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Achieving Natural Health & Wellness Through Relaxation 

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Welcome to Lifestages Holistic Healing in Airdrie, Alberta

About the Business

lifestages airdrie health wellness naturopath healingIn January of 2015 I had opened the business under the name Airdrie Reiki Health and Wellness but half way into the year I realized that I was offering much more than Reiki.

I was using cystals in my sessions and working on Chakra alignments too. Soon after I began a course on Angel card readings and offering those to clients. Thus the reason for the business name change! Lifestages Holistic Healing offers a variety of services to a variety of clients in their various Lifestages! Here you can get more information about the services and see how they can benefit you. For your convenience you can also book your appointment(s) online!

Guided Meditations

guided meditations airdrie natural wellness health So many clients say how they haven't the time to meditate or they can't 'quieten' their mind. These guided meditations are wonderful and can be used also in conjunction with Reiki. Unlike traditional meditation, these guided meditations are super easy and will work very quickly to help you relax and prepare your body for the healing process! You can read more about how the Guided Mediations work by clicking here....


Reiki, Chakra Work & Crystal Therapy

These three services are often used together. Certainly they can be given individually but most of the time they are given at the same time (at the same cost) because they complement one another so well!

During a Reiki session certain crystals are placed on or around your body, activated and charged to promote wellness and with the intention of healing. Most often the crystals are placed on the Chakras but sometimes they are placed on other points. In any event, through Reiki, the Chakras are also encouraged to open up, release blocked energy and then sealed with the loving light of Reiki.

To read more on the individual therapies, click on the Services link here...



Angel Card Readings

angel card tarot readings airdrie alberta

The wonderful thing with these readings is they are done over email! It can be helpful to hear what your guides are trying to say to you and that positive inspiriation is often all it takes to turn things around! Plus, when you receive the messages through email you can read and re-read the messages.

Often, during in person readings it's likely to get stuck on what someone has said and you may miss more of the message. With email readings, you have it all in text to go over whenever you want! Read more about Angel Card Readings here and also learn how to speak with your Angels & Guides and how to tell when they are trying to tell you something!

I love doing free Angel Card readings spontaneously as a promotion from time to time. These happen on my Google page. So feel free to click on the Google link on the bottom of the page and follow me so you can be notified of contests as they happen.

I also sometimes give away coupons in my newsletter, which you can sign up for below.

Copyright All Rights Reserved Tamara Laschinsky, Expressions by Tamara 2016. Last updated September 2016. The comments made in this document are the opinion of the author and are not mean to substitute for medical advice. If you have a medical condition and require immediate assistance please call 9-1-1.

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